ADE is coming with new Culture Program

From October 13 to 17, the Amsterdam Dance Event will debut its brand new Arts & Culture program, which will allow electronic music fans to explore the world of dance outside of the dancefloor all over Amsterdam. Nelly Ben Hayoun, Helena Basilova, an artist residency program with Nxt Museum, and others are among the notable collaborations. Other events to take place include ones hosted by Tools for Action x NDSM, Foam, Nederlands Kamerkoor, and Connor Schumacher, among others.

Music Moves, a nonprofit with a mission to make the dance-floor accessible for everyone, will also be joining the festivities. They offer free traineeship programs and are organizing an official ADE event that elderly, special needs children, and homeless people are able to participate in. The organization is also inviting artists and entrepreneurs to participate in Villa Buitenlust, a creative residency that aims to help participants develop and present their projects.

Ticket sales for the Arts & Culture program will be needed to be purchased separately and will be available soon. Prospective attendees can buy an ADE Pro Pass to gain full access to all events.

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