Poland has it’s dance anthems, the pumping tracks that fills up dance floors and night clubs has been in existence since 1989. Pioneers of electronic music surfaced across the Baltic Sea as a positive soul started his DJ profession and music production at the peak of 2000. Nrgee is one of Poland’s talented DJ and producer who is making a steady impact in the house and tech house scene.

Nrgee’s DJ sets are electrifying and astonishing to say the least, a fusion of electronic elements across four decks and he has been known to play along side a classical string quartet. Pioneering the combination, Nrgee has smashed crowds at different venues such as Water Festival, Global Gathering Poland, Chocolate Exclusive, and Minimum-Maximum.

‘If someone loves what he is doing, he can say that he’s a happy man. His happiness infuses to everyone around, and that makes the atmosphere full of friendship, trust and good frame of mind…’

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